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Investment Opportunities

Gujarat: Only State in India to emerge ‘Investor Friendly’
even in World Economy Downturn
We cannot promise you the moon, but we promise you the platform from where, you can reach the heights of success – Narendra Modi
Gujarat, the Growth Engine with Business Resources, offers tremendous Opportunities for Investment as it is the most preferred location for Industrial Investment in the Country. It is the home for Dynamic Industrialists and Business Entrepreneurs.

Several factors influence Investment Opportunities in Gujarat depending on Investment Environment:
Availability of Natural Resources
Gujarat is rich in its mineral base. It has a sharp growth in Agriculture at 9.6% expansion in farm production. A ‘petrocapital’ State with Industry depending on availability of natural resources which are in abundance in the state.
Gujarat excels in skilled manpower. Gujarat has amongst the least mandays lost – 0.6 per cent of the country’s total.
Policy Measures and Incentives
The support of a proactive government is key factor for rapid industrial growth. The Gujarat Government has undertaken several Policy measures and Incentives to attract large investments in various sectors. The Policies aim to promote overall development of the economy.
Economy Attractions
At a time of the World Economy melt down, Global Investors envisage for safer Investments and fetch assured returns. Investors look towards India and Gujarat has been a preferred Investment Destination with Vibrant Gujarat Summit MoUs signed to overwhelming response with a whooping 12 lakh Crores.
Following are the Identified Investment Opportunities in Gujarat:
Industrial Projects
Agro Based & Food Processing Industry
Chemical & Petrochemicals
Information Technology
Mineral-Based and Allied Industries
Plastic and Allied Industries
Port-Related Activities & Infrastructure
Textile & Apparels Industry
Gems and Jewellery
Other Sectors
Tourism Development Projects
Infrastructure With Focus on SIRs (Special Investment Regions)
Development and Environment
Urban Development
Engineering and Auto
Bio Technology and Pharma
Oil – Gas – Power Sector
Social Infrastructure & HDI
Investment opportunities in Tourism
Stable Leadership and Growth Policies
With a Stable Leadership and Business environment, Gujarat is recognized as a front runner in proactive Governance with its progressive policies and incentives. Being among the first states to establish reform-oriented policies has been a vital factor for creating a conducive environment for investors. Gujarat has further launched specific policies that cater to the development of sectors such as ports, roads, biotechnology, IT, agriculture and minerals.
Enhancing Investments
There is specific intervention across sectors which would facilitates in fostering significant growth. The IRs and SIRs are steered for ‘Model for Growth.’ The DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) is strategically planned Project of the Government covering 1483 kms, of which, 546 kms long route covers Eighteen (18) Regions of Gujarat. Gujarat Government has incredible development plans under this Project.
Partnering Strengths
The PPP model is encouraged by Gujarat Government in Infrastructure Sector to leverage entrepreneur spirit of Gujarat and have multiple effects on Government efforts. Mega Projects and Innovative Projects are also being encouraged by the State. This aims for Investors Paradise as Partnering strengths are Growth Propellers.
Investment Share & Implementation of Projects
Investment in Gujarat counts a major share in India’s Investment ratio. In last five years, Gujarat’s Development share is 10.30% and as per RBI survey (2008), 22 percent Investments opportunities are envisaged for 100 projects with over Rs.62.442 Crores Investment which lead to 15 Billion $US, rating Gujarat as One State in India.
Gujarat – Tops in Investment with 22%
Maharashtra 12.7%
Orissa 10.9%
Andhra Pradesh 8.5%
Chattisgarh 6.2%
Karnataka 3.7%
Other States 30.5%
Gujarat also projects 50 percent actual implemented Projects, making it the most Industrialized envisaged Investment Opportunity Hub through the Vibrant Gujarat Summits. In a span of 17 years from 1991-2008, Gujarat gave a share of 12.91 percent Projects with over 125.03 Billion Dollars as compared to other states.
Envisaged Projects
Gujarat 12.91 %
Maharashtra 10.78 %
Chattisgarh 12.15 %
Orissa 11.35%
Andhra Pradesh 7.95 %
Karnataka 7.88%
Tamilnadu 4.51%
Uttar Pradesh 4.30 %
Jharkhand 6.58%
West Bengal 5.50%
Other States 16.07%
Gujarat Government’s efforts have seen a new light in Corporate World who have a keen eye on Gujarat’s Development. Investors have ample business opportunities in various Projects.
Vision 2010 for Proposed Investment Program (2000-2010) by Gujarat Infrastructure Agenda: (As on May 2009)
380 + Projects with Investment envisaged upto Rs. 116,993 Crores. Some of the highlighted Sectors:
Ports Power
Roads Industrial Parks
Townships Urban Transport
Water supply and sanitation
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