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Inaugurates 2800 Community-Development Projects under ‘Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana’
Published Date 03-01-2010
Valsad: Sunday: Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi has launched a ‘Seva-Yagna', by organizing ‘Garib Kalyan Mela' in all the districts. Gone are the days, when the middlemen used to snatch away the benefits of poor people. The ‘Garib Kalyan Mela' is serving a platform to deliver the benefits straight in to the hands of poor beneficiary; it promotes conviction and commitment to help the poor.
State would launch an ambitious project for the tribal farmers, who are residing in the hilly regions. Under the project Lakhs of Terrace-Ponds would be constructed in tribal dominated hilly regions, from Umargam to Ambaji. It would not only help conserving water but also provide meaningful employment to the tribal people, added C.M.
Garib Kalyan Mela was organised at Dharampur today. The 52000 poor beneficiaries from Dharampur and Kaparada taluka received benefits and tool-kits of Rs.42 Crores.
With an intention to double the income of the poor tribal farmers, State has operationalised ambitions ‘Jivika Project' worth Rs. 120 Crores, providing benefits to around 22000 farmers of both the Talukas.
Under the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana, Chief Minister announced that 2800 works of community development are starting from today. Rs.90 crores would be spent for the projects.
Under the Seva-Yagna that has been initiated under the leadership of Chief Minister, the Garib Kalyan Mela covered around 75000 tribals, distributing scheme-benefits to the tune of Rs. 268 Crores.
Chief Minister sought to express his indebtedness towards the citizens, as the Present Government completes the longest spell of Governance-3000 Days of Governance. Remaining away from the traditional celebrations, Chief Minister has launched a Seva-Yagna of serving the needy and poor people. Gujarat celebrates Golden Jubilee of attaining Statehood; Chief Minister reflected upon the vision of organizing 50 Garib Kalyan Mela to mark 50 years –Suvarna Jayanti of Gujarat, just within one month 20 to 25 Lakhs beneficiaries would get the benefits out of it.
In past, schemes were launched; crores of rupees were spent, even though the poor remained poor. By making right introspection, Present Government has determined to take proactive approach, by taking scheme-benefits to the doorstep of beneficiary.
Poor beneficiary lacked proper guidance. He also became victim of the middlemen. Money used to reach private coffers, the network of middlemen used to snatch away the benefits. ‘Garib Kalyan Mela' is the right step in right direction for destroying the network of middlemen.
From Collector to Peon, the Karmayogies are moving village to village, preparing list of around 75000 beneficiaries. Not only that, they have achieved the targets. Chief Minister gave compliments to the dedicated Karmayogies.
Former Prime Minister, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi confessed that a Rupee sanctioned from the Delhi Treasury, till it reaches up to the beneficiary through the system, it was only 15 Paisa that really reached to the beneficiary. Gujarat Government has ensured that the one rupee sanctioned from Gandhinagar Treasury, reaches up to the poor without any corruption. We have ensured that the poor beneficiary gets total benefits, which are due to him. The Garib Kalyan Mela is being organized to address the concerns of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Present Government has made an effort to pay tributes to Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi by organizing Garib Kalyan Mela across the State.
State has introduced ‘New Gujarat Aadivasi Pattern' under Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana. State Government bears the burden of crores rupees for Tribal-Education. Education is the right tool to battle out penury. Chief Minister outlined the various welfare schemes launched by the Government.
Present Government has given bulk of benefits to the poor people. But they are facing severe impacts of the Price-Rise, which is inflicted upon them by Central Government. He expressed his desire that Central Government would initiate concrete measures to curb prices-rise.
Information Bureau, Government of Gujarat
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